Natsume Kiba

"Summer's Fang"

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"Experiment. Tool. Weapon. Soldier.
I do not know what I am. But I will shield the innocent. I have to. It is my mission."


Name: Natsume Kiba
Race: Au Ra, Raen
Sex: Female
Age: 22

Nickname: "Summer's Fang"
Nameday: 7th Sun of the 4th Astral Moon
Birthplace: Unknown

Height: 4'9" (146 cm)
Build: Athletic
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Complexion: Fair
Accent: Hingan (Traditional Japanese)

Piercings: None
Marks/Tattoos: Various scarring about upper body/torso
Accessories: Flower Pin and hairband, enchanted soulstone

Alignment: Lawful Good
Occupation: Soldier, Mercenary
Combat Proficiency: Sword, shield, katana, odachi
Secondary Proficiency: Naginata, polearms

Personality: ISTJ
Favorite Food: Dragon's Breath Noodles
Favorite Beverage: ???
Favorite Drink: ???
Favorite Color: Red


Learning history


Authoritative abuse
Hostile Garleans (not Civilian)
Unlawful behavior


Great perception in combat
Hard-focused on missions
Versatile armor swaps in combat
High level of stamina/endurance
Can boost party in combat formations
Does not flee easily
Chivalrous and respectful


Oblivious/awkward in social settings
Armor augmentation drains aether
Minimal ranged effectiveness
Can be difficult to work with at times
Can sustain wounds from staying in the fray
Straightforward, may hurt others feelings
Honor can be exploited

Natsume's Story

Natsume and her sister, Yuki, were taken from their homes at an early age to serve for the glory of Garlemald. Yet, from the moment they were old enough to clutch a weapon in their hands, their experience would be anything but glorious.Summer and Snow. Two sisters. The other was all they'd have -- for the weapons project the Garleans placed them in, gave them little in the way of anything else.Having been placed under grueling experimentation with an inactive soulstone, the Garleans were most unkind to the pair. Eventually, Yuki would perish in the training, with only Natsume left to acquire the untapped potential inside the smoldering gem.Natsume's unnatural attunement to fire aether was her saving grace. Her masters saw her fit to enter battle and slay savages. Yet, a silent vengeance manifested itself inside the blonde Raen which would not surface until years later.

During her eighteenth summer, Natsume waged a one-woman war against her former masters, and was nearly beaten to death by the confines of the Castrum, lead by Legionaire Cassius sas Arminus. In a stroke of luck, the facility was simulataneously assaulted by a new party. A Hingan warlord by the name of Rio Shinjiro.Impressed by the small girl's ability to tear down a Castrum in two, Shinjiro decided his banner shall take in the experimental warmachine and hone her skills as a seasoned killer. However, Natsume did not realize she was simply changing hands from one evil to the next.Though Shinjiro's band from the Isle of Chiharu were not wholly without good, the turning point for the short woman came to her as a rowdy Miqo'te, F'yona Rhela, resisted her captivity with every bit of defiance upon her body.Natsume decided then, it was time to forge her own fate forward, and learn to help and protect those once considered savages and enemies. The small soldier staged a daring escape and evacuated F'yona to safety. The warmachine now found herself in an unfamiliar world.

Culture shock would not begin to describe the many thoughts pouring inside Natsume's head. Making friends in F'yona and now S'rhenni Amaht, the woman was free to roam the vastness of Othard and Eorzea with freedoms and sights she'd never imagined.With Rhenni as her mentor, Natsume studied and mimicked her new friend - and just about everyone else she met. Eventually she'd learn to dance (albeit poorly) and take proper care of herself, and even have a first kiss!Now, with Rhenni at her side, and her soulstone at the ready, the short and unassuming Raen adventures around the star. She is seeking to learn about this strange world she has come to live in, and become the shield of the broken, the sword of the innocent.

There is more to Natsume's story, yet unwritten. Perhaps you will leave your mark?

RP Hooks

Natsume is a soldier, and she is not unknown to mercenary work, having served two factions. If you are in need of a reliable sword, there is no finer choice. Just remember: she does not take kindly to cruelty in the ranks, lest the weapon be turned on you!

Food is often an important part Natsume's way of life, as she keeps her body fit for battle. She can be found in restaurants quietly to herself. A good meeting point to talk to her for the first time!

Natsume is quite awkward, and can be very strange at times. A soldier's life is all she knows. There is ample opportunity to meet Natsume in a casual slice-of-life setting, as her odd behavior can be unintentionally hilarious.

Natsume will gladly volunteer to face tempered (or hostile) Garleans, or assist the civilians seeking refuge. If you have a Garlean arc, Natsume is the right tool for the job!

Natsume utilizes a large variety of armor and weapons. As such, she has learned basic upkeep of gear. However, if your character is a trained blacksmith, perhaps she will need proper work done?

With the above mentioned awkwardness, Natsume can occasionally get herself into trouble, not fully understanding the new world she finds herself in. Civilian life as a whole, is mostly unknown to her. This could be a good entry point as well! Will you step in before she gets into further trouble?

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OOC & Extra Info

Thanks for reading my carrd! I enjoy roleplaying and have been doing so since my time in WoW. I was also an avid Red Dead Online (before they killed it) and PSO2 player (Japanese version /w all the cool stuff).What I enjoy most over games though is just hanging out and spending time with friends. As such, I am usually looking to make friends for longer term RP contacts.I also enjoy photography, and have contributed to the Skyrim and Fallout 4 modding community with my pictures. That love also extends to FFXIV. I have a ton of galleries, if you want to see them, I am more than happy to share via Discord!Small note: I am fine with RP relationships and mature scenes, but please understand a divide between OOC and IC. Ty!

-- Contact Info --
In Game: Natsume Kiba
Discord: fiona_rhela
Data Center/Server: Crystal/Mateus
Timezone: Pacific

-- RP Permissions --
RP Style: Adventure, treasurehunting, mature themes, slice of life
IC Residence(s): Character Housing Catalog
Combat System: Free-form (preferred) or basic rolls
Physical Violence/Injury: Yes (with permission)
Emotional Violence: Yes (with permission)
Romance: Yes (with permission)
Relationships/Orientation: Bisexual
Death: No

Letter From Natsume

My Dearest Rhenni,

If you are reading this, then you have passed the Trial of the Fox. I am really sorry if your stomach is upturned. I hope this letter finds you well.That feeling churning in you right now - that's how I felt inside. Just a few months ago. Betraying everything I knew, I'd taken a step and left Chiharu behind. It was frightening. For the first time, I made decisions on my own.My world was changing fast. And yet, somehow, in the spinning and restless streets of Kugane, my journey would take an unexpected turn. I met someone who changed everything. Someone who'd quell the sickening feeling inside. She'd put me at ease and help me understand things. It was you, Rhenni.What would I do next? Where would I go? What did any of this mean? There were so very many questions. Your guidance muted the doubt filling in my chest and I was able to breathe. I learned the social norms of an acceptable lady.In a sea of reflections, I understood the cost of my actions as a soldier. There were many things I could not bear to look at within my form. Forgiving myself did not seem possible. And still, your every touch carried me towards the answers I'd been searching for. I was transformed. In place of armor, I found myself wearing a dress and a hairpin. Ruby red stained not of blood but sewn with peace.I learned to smile. I learned to laugh. I learned sorrow. I learned to love.The answers I searched for - these many questions burning inside me as smoldering as my soulstone - you made it all possible. There is a great deal of irony behind these questions. I do not know what comes next. I am unsure where our travels take us. I have not an inkling what our connection means to the greater purpose of this star.But somehow, the upturning in my stomach has fluttered away. There is peace. Whatever moments come next, there is always certainty that I can face the storm with you and I at it's center. I understand now that there is a flame that burns hotter than my blazing gem. It casts a beam brighter than all of the burden I carry from my actions as a soldier.This fire, is the feeling I have with you. And though I've said it many times before, I believe now I truly understand the feeling. I love you.As your heart weighs heavy, and your insides flutter and steer, just remember that it is a shared feeling. A completed experience. It is the two of us. Your happiness, your love and your kindness and your tears. They are yours but also mine.

With Love Forever & Always,
Natsume Kiba